Personal Care

Anti-pollution CBD cream (500mg CBD)

A moisturising 24hr face cream with high quality CBD distillate, which protects the skin from solar radiation and environmental pollution. CBD oil in combination with the innovative active ingredients Mitokinyl and Aquacacteen protect skin from the formation of free radicals and blue light and prevent moisture loss. Its rich composition is completed with vitamin E, chamomile oil and pomegranate rich in fatty acids and polyphenols for soft and silky skin.

How to use: Apply a sufficient amount in the morning and / or evening, apply on clean and dry skin, face and neck.




CannaBeeDiol/ Beeswax cream (500mg CBD)

This 100% natural product protects the skin and keeps it hydrated having also anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties helping to heal skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


                      • CBD oil
                      • Propolis
                      • Balsam oil
                      • Arnica oil
                      • Chamomile oil

How to use: Apply a sufficient amount on clean and dry skin to the desired areas and apply it with gentle movements. Repeat as often as needed.


Hair & Skin CBD Dry Oil (500mg CBD)

The versatile dry oil of Olympianshemp is ideal for body, face and hair care and highlights the beneficial properties of CBD oil and hemp seed oil, without leaving an oily residue while adding a fresh scent. Its enriched composition in natural oils (chamomile, almond, jojoba) and vitamin E makes the skin soft and silky, offers elasticity, prevents moisture loss and enhances skin nourishment. Suitable for all seasons and all skin types.

How to use: Use it all year round, winter or summer, on face, body and hair. Face and body: Apply to get a soft and smooth skin. Hair: Apply a small amount along the entire length and on dry ends for shine and nourishment of dull hair.