OlympiansHemp was founded in 2017 in Ancient Olympia Greece by a team of entrepreneurs that are highly experienced in the field of eco-sustainable development.

Since 2005, in the fertile land of Ancient Olympia which is irrigated by Alfios River, OlympiansHemp's founding team is cultivating olive tree groves with over 3000 trees that to this day are producing high-quality, organic olive oil. In 2007 they expanded their business activity, taking on the production of electricity from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) by installing Photovoltaic Parks.


In order to produce, process and market eco-friendly products with high nutritional and pharmaceutical value for human life, our goal is to make the best use of the potential and benefits of the Cannabis Sativa L plant.

Our mission is the ecological cultivation of EU certified cannabis varieties for the production of high nutritional seed, which will then be processed into Ω3 and Ω6 rich oil, flour, and protein. In order to strengthen local and regional development as well as to exploit the large and fertile cultivated land offered by the site, the cultivation of industrial cannabis is carried out in conjunction with the local community of Ancient Olympia in cooperation with a large network of local farmers.

In keeping with the ideologies of sustainable development and aiming for the plant’s maximum energy autonomy, plant residues will be used as biomass for the production of Electricity and Heat. Our goal is to channel electricity to the National Network and to use heat in privately owned greenhouses to grow additional products.


Through the production of 100% natural and ecological goods, OlympiansHemp’s philosophy is geared towards protecting the environment and enhancing eco-restoration efforts.

Our vision is to raise public awareness of the beneficial properties of cannabis plant and its derivatives, which promote social well-being and benefits, both in terms of nutrition, wellness, and human care, as well as on pharmaceutical level.

One of our main goals is the active participation of OlympiansHemp’s action in redeeming and restoring the reputation of cannabis plant to the collective consciousness of Greek society.


Since the spring of 2018, in Ancient Olympia, OlympiansHemp has begun the ecological cultivation of 25 acres of industrial cannabis (Cannabis Sativa L) in close collaboration with farmers in the wider region of Elis Prefecture. Through the promotion of collaborative action, we plan to cultivate at least 75 acres of industrial cannabis for the first three years, maintaining an increasing predisposition for the future.

At the same time with the cultivation, the licensing of OlympiansHemp’s processing unit is in progress, which will be able to produce up to 15 tons of industrial hemp oil per year. The unit is to be installed in the area of ​​Ancient Olympia, on a 2-acre plot, near the cultivated land.

Meanwhile, according to the law 4523/2018 voted by the Greek Parliament and with immediate priority to social welfare, we appropriately adapt our facilities in order to be ready for the production and disposal of final cannabis products (Cannabis Sativa L with THC content above 0.2%) for medical purposes. More specifically, our future plans include the creation of two greenhouses, 1,000 sq.m. each, where the specific variety of medicinal cannabis will be cultivated, according to state standards. In addition, the construction of two separate areas, about 200 square meters, is underway, where will be held the plant processing as well as the extraction of the necessary CBD – THC raw materials required for the production of final medical cannabis products.

Through the years of experience in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, we aim to create a fully energy autonomous unit with positive effect on the environment and beneficial consequences for local crops. Photovoltaic panels will be placed on the roof of the buildings while an electric and thermal power unit from biomass will be created. As raw material for the operation of the biomass unit, both the remains of the crop of the hemp plant and the remains of the olive groves of the wider region will be used. The surplus of electricity produced will be fed directly to the national electricity grid while the generated thermal energy will flow to the two greenhouses, so as to create ideal growing conditions throughout the year, as well as to the heating system for the rest of the site.