CBD extraction using carbon dioxide as the only solvent

Olympianshemp’s facilities are equipped with a high-tech supercritical fluid extractor. The supercritical fluid extraction method is considered to be the greenest extraction method due to the use of low temperatures and the reuse of the solvent (carbon dioxide, CO2). Compared to other solvents CO2 is safe, cheap, non-toxic and its use results in a high-quality extract without solvent residues or heavy metal traces.

This extraction method is the only one using such low temperatures because of which the extract retains all the substances and aromas of the original plant. CO2 supercritical extraction also allows us to collect cannabis terpenes separately, which are aromatic compounds with many applications due to their medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Other plants such as sage, louisa, coriander, chamomile, chlorella, and spirulina have also been extracted at our facilities and we are open to any constructive partnership for the extraction of more aromatic herbs.